Our Spiritual Body

Raven Belote
4 min readFeb 2, 2019

Our spiritual body is quite palpable on a psychospiritual level, and often times on the physical level when one knows what they are experiencing.

From my studies and experiences with the human energy body, I’m as convinced as others are that it’s part of our spiritual body. I’m talking about the chakras, the nadis, and the aura.

Some have tied-in religion with our spiritual body. That’s ok, but I also feel that it’s not necessary if one doesn’t want to. I feel that study, and practice with it are quite enough to fill one’s lifetime with experience, and knowledge of this essential yet transparent body we all possess.

My view of the human spiritual body, this energy body, is that its what allows us to feel awe. It allows us to see, and feel the beauty of Nature, and of human nature. It also allows us to sense beauty in places that others may not, those who may not be quite as sensitive to their spiritual body, yet.

I feel that the spiritual body is what allows us to understand, and to “see” complex issues that lie behind other’s distress, and maybe even their crazy making. It allows us to feel the emotions of others, to know what its like to be in their shoes. Our spiritual body is adept at allowing us to absorb gnosis from our Higher Self that it communes with. Oh…did I forget to mention that part of our spiritual body? Sorry… :-)

Yes, our Higher (and wiser) Self is certainly part of this same body. But, in this post, I’m wanting to just note that which we can most easily learn to sense, and experience in our every day life, the part we are probably most familiar.

Although there are those that have mixed our spiritual body into the batter of religion, and have made it sound as if it’s on an unobtainable level with angels, or God, in actuality we can all easily relate to at least some of the things I wrote above about the human spiritual body. And, many of us would agree that these experiences are quite extraordinary to have, and yet they are still very common. We are actually very familiar with our spiritual body.

Raven Belote

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